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Q: How comfortable are the TKD Jeans when my liner is zipped in?

Extremely comfortable 100% guaranteed.

Q: Can I use my tkd rps linner in any other pair of TKD Jeans of the same size?

Yes, you can as long as the sizes match ie. 32 jeans into a 32 liner.

Q: Can I wash my jeans and liner in the washing machine?

We recommend you wash your jeans and liner seperately.

You can wash your TKD Jeans in the wash.

Do not use washing machine to wash your tkd rps liner.

Q: Can I use detergents to wash my tkd garments?

We recommend you use organic liquids and softeners to preserve the life of the garments.

Q: How should I wash my liner?

Hand wash in the basin with organic softener then ring dry and hang to dry in a cool place away from the sun.

Q: How should I wash my jeans?

You can use your washing machine avoid detergents if you want to preserve the colour and longivity of your jeans.

Q: How often should I upgrade my liner?

We recommend every 3-6 years depending on usage.

Q: Can TKD Jeans inspect my jeans for wear and tear?

Yes, this is a free service we provide, just post your jeans to us with a paid return satchel bag.

Q: What are the product warranties?

We offer a 3 year warranty on all our product, this excludes normal wear and tear.

Q: Can I use multiply style TKD Jeans with my liner?

Yes, you can, ensuring that you use the same size jeans and liner.

Q: Do I need to go up a size in jeans to allow room for the liner?

No TKD Jeans have been engineered to allow the provisions for the liner.

Q: Can TKD Jeans make a custom order to suit my requirements?

Yes, we can and do offer this service.

Q: Are TKD Jeans really made in Australia?

Yes 100%.

Q: Have TKD Jeans been crash tested or slide tested?

Yes, watch our crash test video.

Q: Can I wear my jeans without the liner?

Yes, TKD Jeans patent removable protection system allows the user to zip the liner in and out of their TKD Jeans.

Q: If I need to take up or adjust my jeans cuff will that alter my liner protection position?

No because your liner is not attached to the leg of the jean.

Q: Can TKD Jeans alter my jeans before the get posted to me?

Yes, we can alter the jeans to your specifications ie. leg length, etc.

Q: Why are TKD Jeans so awesome?

TKD Jeans manufactures and engineers products with the customers comfort and safety in mind, we only use the best materials, and nothing short of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Q: Why is the TKD Jeans website so cool and easy to navigate and function?

TKD Jeans has appointed 360South as their marketing arm in showcasing their unique patent products in the most practical yet advanced way.

TKD Jeans the name we trust!!!

Patent Product

Patent Product

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3 years warranty

3 years warranty

On all products

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Australian made

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7 day return period

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